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The Adult Hub - Cheated of our money


We are a couple and started into the swinging lifestyle. We first became free members with theadulthub and then on we wanted to take it further so we paid and became VIP members. It was all going fine and we met few couples through the site. Then suddenly about 2-3 months ago we stopped getting any notification from theadulthub. We did not realise until 2 months later when a person we met through the site asked us if we have deleted our profile as he could not see our profile. We then contacted customer care and they told us our id has been marked as 'suspicious', they gave us no reason, so we could not contact anyone nor could anyone contact us and our profile was hidden. We did not get any notification of this and we were able to know just cos our friend asked us. The best is they said the only way to verify our account is by posting 'full face pic' with todays date and our id written on a piece of paper. After a lot of arguing we finally put up only my face pic as I did not want to expose my partner and when I did that the site told me that since its a couple account they need 'full face' of both of us. That made us blow our lids and we gave up on theadulthub. For a few dollars we were not going to compromise on our safety and identity. So we still have 4 months subscription left and 2 months previously wasted so all in all for a 1yr subscription we were only able to use it for 6 months. So please dont go for theadulthub, there are much better sites which when you google shows up and if you see 'theadulthub' is not even on that list.

None after they cheated us

Everything, especially their attitude. If this is how they treat VIP members then imagine people joining for free.

Arun does NOT recommend The Adult Hub to friends/family

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