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F-Buddy - Not to be trusted


I tried this site as it seemed all above board. However, since joining a week ago I have been bombarded by messages from non-existent subscribers. I receive several an hour and all seem to be from the London area (I'm in SW), it is just very frustrating to constantly receive notification of a message only for it to be an "inactive user", you are then unable to delete these messages. The site just suggest that you block all messages from those without photos, but possibly 50% of female users to not include a photo as they no doubt want to keep their id secret. On top of this of the 4 actual messages I have received 3 were just attempts to get my personal data, or try to get me to log into another unsafe website. The site take no responsibility for this at all. I believe this site to be unsafe and would avoid it.


Large amount of false accounts
Many scammers use the site
The site refuse to take any responsibility for problems

Martin Smith does NOT recommend F-Buddy to friends/family

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